Soybean Pickle

Laoganma Black Beans

A Healthy & Tasty Pickle

No Cholesterol. No Trans Fat


Soybean oil, Fermented soybean, Chilly & Sugar

Health Benefits of Soybean Oil

  1. Helps to develop good body immune system
  2. Helps in strengthening body tissues and organs
  3. Helps to maintain brain function
  4. Helps in maintaining eye health
  5. Helps in keeping teeth strong and healthy
  6. Helps in preventing anaemia
  7. Helps to maintain heart’s health and performance
  8. Helps in maintaining steady blood pressure
  9. Helps to prevent osteoporosis
  10. Helps in controlling transition of menopause
  11. Helps in lowering the risks of breast and colon cancer
  12. Helps in keeping the digestive system healthy
  1. ORIGINAL & IMPORTED : Product is authentic and imported from China.
  2. WORLD FAMOUS : Sold in more than 30 countries without ads, just with word of mouth
  3. PASSION : We loved it when consumed. So we decided to bring it to India.
  4. CUSINE : A daily used product in Chinese homes. Great with any Indian food. Try it, we guarantee that you will love it.
  5. SOYBEAN OIL : Soybean oil is healthier than other vegetable oils. NO CHOLESTEROL. NO TRANS FAT